Program your teeth brushing routine with Oral-B App

An intelligent toothbrush system so smart, it's GENIUS. Using Bluetooth technology, your brush connects with the Oral-B App to improve your brushing routine.
Available for free on iOS and Android
Position Detection Technology
80% of people spent insufficient time brushing in at least one zone in their mouth*.

Paired with the Oral-B App 4.1, the Position Detection Technology in Oral-B GENIUS tracks brush position, and shows you how to brush all zones in your mouth equally and evenly*.
Foster A Good Brushing Behaviour
The Oral-B App is your personal brushing assistant to help you to achieve great oral health!
The Oral-B app is designed to work with Oral-B GENIUS electric toothbrushes, to help you perfect your teeth brushing, and achieve a great beautiful smile. With the Oral-B App, the average brushing session duration is 2 minutes and 27 seconds*, whereas users of a manual toothbrush brush on average less than one minute.
Moreover some manual toothbrush users brush two times the recommended pressure, which can be harmful to the gums. With Oral-B’s pressure guidance system, up to 93% of aggressive brushers reduced their brushing force *
Unlock Smiles with the Oral-B FunZone
The Oral-B FunZone, a new feature in the Oral-B App, will help you brush like your dentist recommends with a fun-filled reward system that unlocks engaging photo filter themes similar to your favorite social media platform.
Handling Certain Oral Care
Issues, or Setting New Goals
You could call them regimens, or "journeys to improvement". GENIUS can also be programmed to help with any of the following: plaque fighting, whitening, gum health and a comprehensive care for your braces.
Why Oral-B GENIUS Is For You?
Find out more about Oral-B GENIUS 9000 features and benefits to help you clean like your dentist recommends.
How to use Oral-B Genius and the app?
Find out more on how to use the Oral-B app and position detection with this tutorial.
Your Dental Professional Can Program a Routine Just For You
Who knows your mouth better than your dental professional? It's he or she that's aware of areas that might need extra attention, for instance. Well, based on their tooth-by-tooth familiarity with your mouth, they'll be able to set up a routine, including brushing modes & brushing times, to ensure a brushing routine that will be best for you.
Available for free on iOS and Android
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