Manual Toothbrushes

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  • Oral-B Orthodontic toothbrush

    For braces/orthodontic work.

    The Oral-B Orthodontic Brush uses V-shaped bristles to remove plaque from braces and teeth. It can be used as a braces toothbrush or as a brush to clean wires and brackets associated with retainers, headgear and other types of orthodontic work.

    • Helps you maneuver around braces and wires
    • Reaches your back teeth
    • Gives you great comfort and control

  • Oral-B Complete Ultra Thin toothbrush

    Oral-B Complete Ultra Thin Bristles manual toothbrush has a combination of normal and super thin bristles to deliver a thorough yet gentle clean. It has 100% more flexible ultra-thin bristle tips* and a tongue cleaner that helps to freshen breath.

    *Tapered bristles have 100% more flexible tips versus regular bristles

  • Oral-B Advantage 3D White Fresh toothbrush

    3 oral care benefits in 1 quality brush for a whole mouth clean

    • Cleans teeth for outstanding plaque removal
    • Cleans tongue to freshen breath
    • Stimulates and massages gums

    Multisection Power Tip bristles are gentle on enamel and help clean hard-to-reach,high-risk areas for plaque buildupPolished,end-rounded bristles effectively clean along the gum lineOuter gingival stimulators massage and stimulate gumsTextured tongue cleaner removes odor-causing germs, significantly reducing oral malodorControl-grip handle ensures comfort and control

  • Oral-B Pro-Expert All In One Toothbrush

    Latest innovation: new Pro-Expert All in One toothbrush uses advanced technology to protect teeth, promote healthy gums and provide fresh breath. Removes more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush CrissCross® bristles which adapt itself to the shape of the mouth to effectively remove plaque for a superior level of clean, while remaining gentle on teeth and gums.


  • Oral-B Interdental Refills Cylindrical

    Oral-B Interdental Brush Refills are designed for cleaning in between wide spaces, metal bridges, and braces. Includes 6 tapered cylindrical brush refills.

  • Oral-B Advantage 3D White toothbrush

    Maximizes the effectiveness of toothpaste with a pair of unique polishing cups nestled within its tufts of taller, angled bristles, the Advantage Artica Toothbrush is designed to cradle and keep toothpaste on the brush head to help polish away surface stains for natural whitening.