Manual Toothbrushes

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  • Oral-B Orthodontic toothbrush

    For braces/orthodontic work.

    The Oral-B Orthodontic Brush uses V-shaped bristles to remove plaque from braces and teeth. It can be used as a braces toothbrush or as a brush to clean wires and brackets associated with retainers, headgear and other types of orthodontic work.

    • Helps you maneuver around braces and wires
    • Reaches your back teeth
    • Gives you great comfort and control

  • Oral-B Complete Ultra Thin toothbrush

    Oral-B Complete Ultra Thin Bristles manual toothbrush has a combination of normal and super thin bristles to deliver a thorough yet gentle clean. It has 100% more flexible ultra-thin bristle tips* and a tongue cleaner that helps to freshen breath.

    *Tapered bristles have 100% more flexible tips versus regular bristles

  • Oral-B Advantage 3D White Fresh toothbrush

    3 oral care benefits in 1 quality brush for a whole mouth clean

    • Cleans teeth for outstanding plaque removal
    • Cleans tongue to freshen breath
    • Stimulates and massages gums

    Multisection Power Tip bristles are gentle on enamel and help clean hard-to-reach,high-risk areas for plaque buildupPolished,end-rounded bristles effectively clean along the gum lineOuter gingival stimulators massage and stimulate gumsTextured tongue cleaner removes odor-causing germs, significantly reducing oral malodorControl-grip handle ensures comfort and control

  • Oral-B Pro-Expert All In One Toothbrush

    Latest innovation: new Pro-Expert All in One toothbrush uses advanced technology to protect teeth, promote healthy gums and provide fresh breath. Removes more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush CrissCross® bristles which adapt itself to the shape of the mouth to effectively remove plaque for a superior level of clean, while remaining gentle on teeth and gums.


  • Oral-B Interdental kit

    Effectively cleans around bridges, braces and wide interdental spaces.

    The Oral-B Interdental Brush System provides effective cleaning around bridges, braces and wide interdental spaces helping you to keep your teeth clean and healthy.

    • Makes maneuvering in tight spaces easy
    • Gives you maximum reach
    • Simplifies brush replacement
    • Removes plaque from your mouth safely and effectively
    • Works with soft-foam refills for post-surgical care, implant maintenance, tissue trauma and medicine application
    • Offers portability so you can take it with you on the go
    • Allows you to change the angle without touching the brush head, for your convenience and cleanliness
    • Helps you reach difficult interdental spaces by changing the angle of the brush head
    • Lets you control movements with ease
    • Provides ventilated, hygienic storage

  • Oral-B Interdental Refills Cylindrical

    Oral-B Interdental Brush Refills are designed for cleaning in between wide spaces, metal bridges, and braces. Includes 6 tapered cylindrical brush refills.