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  • Oral-B Interdental kit

    Effectively cleans around bridges, braces and wide interdental spaces.

    The Oral-B Interdental Brush System provides effective cleaning around bridges, braces and wide interdental spaces helping you to keep your teeth clean and healthy.

    • Makes maneuvering in tight spaces easy
    • Gives you maximum reach
    • Simplifies brush replacement
    • Removes plaque from your mouth safely and effectively
    • Works with soft-foam refills for post-surgical care, implant maintenance, tissue trauma and medicine application
    • Offers portability so you can take it with you on the go
    • Allows you to change the angle without touching the brush head, for your convenience and cleanliness
    • Helps you reach difficult interdental spaces by changing the angle of the brush head
    • Lets you control movements with ease
    • Provides ventilated, hygienic storage

  • Oral-B Interdental Refills Cylindrical

    Oral-B Interdental Brush Refills are designed for cleaning in between wide spaces, metal bridges, and braces. Includes 6 tapered cylindrical brush refills.

  • Oral-B Interdental Refills Tapered

    Oral-B Interdental Brush Refills are designed for cleaning hard-to-reach interdental spaces. Brush angle is adjusted by moving the side of the handle, eliminating the need to touch the brush.

  • Oral-B Advantage 3D White toothbrush

    Maximizes the effectiveness of toothpaste with a pair of unique polishing cups nestled within its tufts of taller, angled bristles, the Advantage Artica Toothbrush is designed to cradle and keep toothpaste on the brush head to help polish away surface stains for natural whitening.

  • Oral-B Stages 3 kids toothbrush (5-7 years)

    A manual toothbrush designed for children ages 5 to 7 years.

    Children will love the fun of Oral-B Stages Power Toothbrush, and you’ll love the clean. It’s an advanced children’s brush with the benefits of battery power.

    • Brushes multiple surfaces for a thorough clean
    • Cleans chewing surfaces
    • Reaches between teeth
    • Gently cleans
    • Makes brushing fun with Disney Pixar’s characters

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  • Oral-B 3 Effect Maxi Clean toothbrush

    Oral-B quality. Maxi Clean brush technology.

    The Maxi Clean Toothbrush combines quality with innovation.
    With its unique triple-fan bristles, specially designed to reach deep between teeth to remove plaque, the Maxi Clean.
    Toothbrush delivers an exceptional cleaning performance for excellent results.

    • Raised tip is tufted to surround back teeth.
    • Blue Indicator bristles fade with use to gauge wear and the remaining effectiveness of the brush.
    • Triple-fan bristles are designed to penetrate deep between teeth for an outstanding clean.
    • Comfort-grip handle provides comfort and control with an ergonomic, dual-material handle.