Why use Oral-B’s Aqua Care?

Interdental cleaning promotes optimal gum health.

Why Oxyjet Technology?

Oral-B’s Oxyjet Technology mixes air and water to form clean-boosting microbubbles.

What is On-Demand mode?

The On-Demand mode allows you greater control of the stream to release water only when you need it.

What are the advantages of handheld?

Single-body handheld unit improves portability, while the rear-configuration water reservoir allows for easy access and refilling.

How to use the Oral-B Aqua Care?

To use, aim at interdental spaces and along the gum line, targeting left behind debris.

When to use the Oral-B Aqua Care?

Use before or after brushing to remove leftover food particles for optimal oral hygiene.

What if I have braces or implants?

Braces and implants trap food. Oral-B’s Aqua Care carefully cleans these problem areas.

What if I have sensitive teeth?

Customise your clean with two cleaning intensities, including one specifically for sensitive teeth.


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