What is the difference between your Oral-B 1000 electric toothbrush models?

The 3D action on our Oral-B electric toothbrushes means that they oscillate, rotate and pulsate to give you the best possible cleaning, removing up to 300% more plaque along the gum line than a regular toothbrush. It works by pulsating to break up the plaque, and then oscillating and rotating to sweep the plaque away.

Our Oral-B 1000 models are an excellent choice and they are all actually the same unit in terms of power and technicality. The difference between them is the brush head which comes in the box (eg. CrossAction 1000 will have a CrossAction toothbrush head), and the color of the toothbrush handle.

These models oscillate at 8,800 movements per minute and 20,000 pulsations per minute. The handle also features a really handy pressure sensor which detects when you are brushing too hard and stops the pulsations to help protect your gums. They also have a 2 minute built-in timer which pulsates every 30 seconds to let you know when to switch areas of the mouth. Find out which products offer the timer here.

All our round toothbrush heads will rotate 45° to the right & back to 45° to the left, as well as oscillates back & forth. The only toothbrush head which doesn’t rotate is our Deep Sweep which work by using side to side sweeping actions.

Any of our toothbrush heads will give you a great clean, and which is best for you depends upon your personal requirements and preferences. I’ve popped some information below about each of the brush heads that are featured with the models you’ve mentioned and I hope this helps you to decide which might be the most suitable for you.

  • CrossAction – These are our most advanced brush head technology. The bristles are perfectly angled for a precise clean and the professionally inspired design of the brush head surrounds each tooth with bristles angled at 16 degrees.
  • Precision Clean – These feature high-low bristles with longer bristles at the top and bottom to provide better inter-dental cleaning as they penetrate hard-to-reach areas.
  • Pro Gum Care (Sensitive brush head) – These have extra soft bristles for a gentle clean and are perfect for people who have sensitive gums.
  • Power White (3D white brush head) – These feature a specially designed inner, rubber polishing cup which gently removes surface stains and naturally whitens teeth. The bristles clean on and around teeth to help remove plaque.

The prices can vary between the models as they are set by the retailers themselves, so it's always best to shop around to get yourself the best deal. We do have a useful feature on our website, which allows you to compare prices and find where local to you has the model in stock. Simply type in the model you are looking for and hit the 'Find Retailers' button.

By 'oscillation,' we are referring to the main back-and-forth movement of the replaceable brush heads. For most of them, this is the rotational oscillation going from 45° one way round to 45° the other way. By 'pulsation' on our 3D models, we are referring to that the brush head itself is moved forward and backwards very quickly, towards and away from the teeth.

All our toothbrushes from the Pro 2000 and above include the pressure sensor. These toothbrushes will stop pulsating when pressing too hard, which will feel and sound noticeably different during brushing. Check out which products offer the Pressure Sensor feature here. From the Pro 2000 and up, there's a light just below the brush head will shine red when pressing too hard, making this extra noticeable.

Many of our toothbrushes from the Pro 3000 and above come with Bluetooth connectivity, and these are called the SmartSeries toothbrushes. Check out the various SmartSeries toothbrushes here.

We would expect our toothbrushes to last between 3-5 years based on one person using the toothbrush, twice daily for 2 minutes at a time, however this can vary on many factors such as how the toothbrush has been maintained and personal usage, so it may be less or longer. If your toothbrush is less than 2 years old, it will still be in warranty and we can certainly help with that. So please let me know if this is the case.

Like all batteries even rechargeable ones have a lifespan and after a certain period of usage they will stop performing as well as they once did and then eventually wear out completely. Once this happens, we recommend for you to replace your toothbrush. As all our toothbrush handles are made with water tight seals, we do not offer a battery replacement service.