Oral-B Pro-Expert oral care products

Pro-Expert: For Teeth that are 3x Stronger*
Every day, our mouths are exposed to acids from such things as fruit and soft drinks, which erode our enamel and gradually weaken our teeth.

Our most advanced toothpaste technology to date, Oral-B Pro-Expert's revolutionary stannous fluoride complex makes teeth resistant against daily acids and damage. It's dissolving micro-particles clean in between teeth and fight bacteria, the source of most oral care problems. Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste. Get healthier and stronger teeth* starting from day one with continued use.
*on plaque & enamel erosion vs. ordinary toothpaste
Toothpaste Innovation - Developed with Dentists
Discover the next level of oral care innovation brought to you by Oral-B--the #1 dentist used and recommended toothbrush brand worldwide.
Get the Power of Stannous Flouride Complex
With a unique combination of ingredients, Stannous Fluoride Complex targets and protects against the issues it finds in your mouth: cavities, plaque, gum problems, sensitivity, stains, bad breath, tartar and enamel erosion.
For Healthier, Stronger
Teeth* from Day 1, with
Continued Use
Oral-B Pro-Expert's unique formula helps rebuild and makes your teeth 3x stronger.
*on plaque & enamel erosion vs. ordinary toothpaste
"Great Toothpaste!"
"Amazing long lasting clean!"
Oral-B Pro-Expert All-Around Protection Fresh Mint
Oral-B Pro-Expert Pro-Expert All Around Protection Toothpaste from number 1 toothbrush brand recommended by dentists worldwide. With Stannous Fluoride Complex, Oral-B's best protection technology, get healthier and stronger teeth starting from Day 1, with continued use (on plaque and enamel erosion versus ordinary toothpaste).
Oral-B Pro-Expert Whitening
Oral-B Pro-Expert Whitening toothpaste helps reveal your natural white smile. It contains a unique blend of whitening ingredients to thoroughly clean and remove surface stains while brushing.
Oral-B Pro-Expert Sensitive & Gentle Whitening 
Oral-B Pro-Expert Sensitive + Gentle Whitening - a fluoride toothpaste that helps protect against sensitivity and the root causes of future sensitivity.

Oral-B Pro-Expert Sensitive + Gentle Whitening helps protect teeth against sensitivity by creating an acid-resisting protective shield. Its special ingredient Stannous Fluoride has been shown to be more effective on sensitivity relief than leading sensitivity products.