Learn the benefits of an electric toothbrush

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Superior 3D
cleaning action

Clinically proven
superior 3D cleaning
sweeps in-between
teeth and pulsates to
break up and
remove plaque better
than a regular manual

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Oral-B TriZone

The TriZone provides a
deep clean with three
bristle zones: for back
teeth, to clean surfaces
and to reach deeper
between teeth.

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#1 brand used by
dentists worldwide

Discover the next level
of oral care innovation,
brought to you by
Oral-B – the #1 dentist
used and recommended
brand, worldwide.

Compare features across all Oral-B Trizone electric toothbrushes

Compare features across all Oral-B Trizone electric toothbrushes
  ProBrushImage ProBrushImage
Cleaning Action 3D Clean Oscillates, Rotates & Pulsates
Number of features yes yes
Daily Clean + Pressure Sensor yes
Daily Clean + Visible Pressure Sensor yes
Gum Care
Wireless Smart Guide
Deep Clean
Tongue Cleaner
Bluetooth Technology
Premium Travel Accesory
Refills in the box refill brush refill brush
the unique
triple-action technology
Removes up to 100% more plaque vs. a regular manual brush
Explore full line of brush heads and find the perfect match to enjoy a superior clean.

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